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The Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District

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Yamhill Soil & Water Conservation District Works For You!

Soil and Water Conservation Districts are working in every county of the state providing many public benefits and services, such as:

We help landowners control wind and water erosion on construction sites, farms and public lands.

We help communities and individuals prevent mudslides and damage to homes

We plant trees and other land cover to hold soil in place, provide wildlife food and cover and beautify neighborhoods.

We help protect beaches, streams and rivers.

We help with flood control and drought management programs.

We teach young people about natural resources and why they must be protected.

We protect farmlands to assure an ample supply of high quality food.

We help prevent water pollution.

We encourage protection of our best farmlands from conversion to non-farm uses.

We help manage and conserve water supplies for all beneficial uses.

We help provide recreational opportunities for public enjoyment.

We help improve and establish habitat for fish, and wildlife.

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