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The Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District
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The Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is a subdivision of the state government, led by a locally elected board of directors who serve without pay. The district's charge is to help conserve the land, water, plants, and wildlife resources in Yamhill County. The Yamhill SWCD directors are joined by associated directors, staff, and volunteers to carry out the district activities.

Much of the district's work involves matching governments assistance with local conservation needs and encouraging land managers to use conservation practices. As a resident of Yamhill County or the surrounding area, you have the opportunity to participate in the Yamhill SWCD and take advantage of the many services we offer.

At this web site you can learn about the education events we sponsor, the one-on-one assistance our conservationists can provide, sources of funding for your projects, and volunteer opportunities. We'll also point you to other web sites that contain information to help you conserve your resources!

Our office is located at 2200 SW 2nd Street, McMinnville, OR 97128.

Phone:(503)472-6403 Fax:(503)472-2459


Mark Huff:

Mark Huff is one of two members at large. He has a vineyard between Carlton and Yamhill and works for the Pacific Northwest Research Station US Forest Service as a Wildlife Ecologist. Mark has been a board member since 1995.


Dean O' Reilly:

Dean O' Reilly is the Conservationist and Techncian. His Job consists of assisting withe the Enviromental Quality Incentive Program,coordinates service to small woodland owners, coordinates weed control projects and provides engineering planning and design assistance for projects. He also provides resource information,advice,techinal and planning assistance to individuals,land managers, organizations and other units of government regarding management, improvement,development and protection of natural resources and assists with SWCD and NRCS programs. Includes: On site assessment,needs and feasibility recommendations, identifying alternatives,project surveys,cost estimates,design,planning, site layout,contruction inspection and practice implementation. Provides design and conservation practice recommendations for stream bank protection, surface and subsurface drainage,covers crops in vineyards, orchards and christmas trees, animal waste mgt. Factilities,wildlife habitat developments,wetland restorationmforest tree plantings,critical area plantings,spring developments and pond contruction. Dean has worked for the Yamhill SWCD since 1986.


Melissa Leoni:

Melissa Leoni is Watershed Coordinator For the Yamhill River and Chehalem Creek watersheds.Her Job includes to Staff the 24 member Yamhill Basin Council.To Manage Council operations and projects including watershed assessments, water quality monitoring, educational programs, and public outreach.


Rob Tracey:

NRCS/SWCD Resource Conservationist


Tim Stieber:

Tim D. Stieber is theYamhill SWCD District Manager His responsibilities include District conservation program development and management including: financial management, interagency communications, public relations, and technical assistance to landowners. Ensure that needs of district are being met. Stay current on issues and needs of other agencies.His Favorite Things are: Outdoor adventures with friends, fishing, and trail running. Also enjoy inventing things, gardening, woodworking, and reading.


Joelene Janicek:

Joelene provides professional technical service, to develop and implement voluntary conservation plans to improve water quality and salmon habitat, in furtherance of the Oregon Plan.The work has a special emphasis in the field of erosion control, animal waste management and conservation planning and implementation.Joelene has worked for the district since March 10, 2000.


Rhiannon Socia:

Rhiannon Socia is the Administrative Assistant For the Yamhill County SWCD; Her Job includes: Providing Natural Resource Information, Office Maintenance, manage the bookkeeping for the district, have involvement with education, field work, and public outreach.


Melissa Simonsen:

Melissa utilizes various strategies to deliver information to landowners in the basin such as: holding regular landowner meetings, write newsletter articles and press releases, arrange speakers for landowner meetings, coordinate tours to demonstration sites and conservation projects, and help organize conservation displays and events. Melissa works throughout Yamhill and northern Polk Counties. Melissa also serves as the main contact for the Yamhill Basin Agricultural Water Quality Management Plan involving the Local Advisory Committee, Local Management Agency and ODAMelissa has worked for the district since July 10, 2000.

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